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Having a healthy pet begins with good oral hygiene. Having annual dental checkups and proper diet with regular brushing can help maintain healthy teeth and gums especially as your pet ages.  Periodontal Disease is related to other health issues such as chronic kidney failure.  Frequent removal of plaque from your dog's teeth will help prevent periodontal disease and tooth loss.

* Stage 1 - Gingivitis - the gum at the TOP of the teeth is inflamed and swollen, and plaque (yellow or brownish color) covers the teeth. Treatment can reverse this condition.

* Stage 2 - Early Periodontitis - The entire gum is inflamed and swollen. The pet's mouth is painful, and bad breath is noticeable.  Professional treatment and home dental care can prevent this from becoming irreversible.

* Stage 3 - Moderate Periodontitis - Infection and calculus are destroying the gum, now bright red and bleeding.  The pet's mouth is sore, which can affect eating and behavior.  Bad breath is consistent.  Periodontitis has started and may be irreversible.

* Stage 4 - Advanced Periodontitis - Chronic bacterial infection is destroying the gum, teeth and bone. Bacteria may be spreading in the bloodstream throughout the body, which can damage the kidneys, liver and heart.