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Saying Good-bye . . .

Our furry friends have a special place in our hearts  They love us unconditionally, greet us when we come home from the day and don't want anything from us except for love.

We understand how hard it is to say good-bye to that special family member.  It is that final act of caring for the needs of that pet.  Steps we take in assisting you with this decision is:  We try to be mindful of the environment of the clinic when scheduling the appointment.  It is your decision whether you are present.  If you choose to have a good-bye time in quiet and then leave, or if you choose to stay with your pet during the entire process it is entirely up to you.  We want whatever makes you and your family the most comfortable.Saying Goodbye

During this sad and very private time, we will respectfully turn on a small light on our front counter to let others know some very special pet is going home and crossing rainbow bridge.

Horizon wants to help you and your family to be as comfortable as possible with this process. We offer a variety of services in this decision.

PRIVATE CREMATION - You receive your pet's cremains back in a decorative wooden urn and a keepsake clay paw print for you to take home.

COMMUNAL CREMATION - Your pet's cremains along with other beloved pets are sprinkled on the wild flower prairie on Horizon property.  For a keepsake, a clay paw print is made for you to take home.

HOME BURIAL  - We prepare your pet for home burial and deliver them to your vehicle.  For a keepsake, a clay paw print is made for you to take home.